Winter Sale.

Winter Sale.

After Christmas, it’s everyone going off to work! Nope... After Christmas everyone is off.... to the sales! Shop windows will be overflowing with red, screaming letters! And the alleys in malls will be crowded and noisy...

You could do things differently, better, more comfortably, you can take it easy...

At Colway International, the winter sale starts on the December, 19!

What does this mean? 

That means that our website will again be overflowing with bargains on cosmetics and supplements - 20% and -30%, 

and an 1+1 offer on Collaceina! And that's not all!

And if you hurry, the products from our sale will get under your Christmas tree on time and make someone close to you happy!

At our winter sale you will not only save money but also your time, and gain the most precious asset - peace of mind. 

Sit back and see the bargains waiting for you in our shop.

Collaceina 1+1 set

You’ll get 2 pieces of Collacein for the price of 1

A perfect deal for the cold season!

In addition, we have individual products with big discounts:

Body scrub -30%

Good night skin drops -30%

Hand soap -30%

Double C glow skin drops -20%

Express lifting mask -20%

Slimming serum -20%

And for larger orders - we have a surprise for you in your shopping cart:

With a minimum order of 75PZ – Body Scrub for 1PLN/1EUR/1GBP/10CZK

With a minimum order of 100PZ - Masterpiece of eye contour – eye cream for 1PLN/1EUR/1GBP/10CZK

The offer is valid:

51/23 OR – 2/24 OR

(From 19.12.2023 to 15.01.2024)

The offer is valid from status: Customer logged in

Have a successful sale!


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