Week II -  28 days to a better mood!

Week II - 28 days to a better mood!

We have already mentioned that taking care of immunity involves regular physical activity on the one hand and supplementation on the other, but not only... Did you know how important a proper body hydration is? Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day has a huge impact on our well-being, helps to maintain a healthy weight and is of great importance during physical activity. Regular drinking of water will also improve the appearance of your skin!


So we raise the bar a bit and our challenge for the next week is:


Make a min. 6000 steps a day and drink 1.5 litres of water!


Are you in?

Do not forget about regular supplementation. Our sets of supplements at lower prices are available in the SPECIAL OFFERS tab. There, you will also find cosmetic sets that will perfectly take care of your beautiful appearance.


Additionally, this week:


dietary supplement - SlimCol - 20%


micellar water -30%


Let’s do it!

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