We are starting the pink October! ❤

We are starting the pink October! ❤

The need to inform women about the importance of prevention is enormous, as the infamous breast cancer incidence statistics continue to grow. Every year 18-19,000 women in Poland find out that they have breast cancer. Such a diagnosis turns their life upside down, but the most important thing is that the change detected at an early stage gives a great chance of a complete recovery. That is why it is so important to promote breast cancer prevention.

Take care of yourself, do not put off what is important in life!

Perform a routine check-up once a year, e.g. ultrasound

Remember to check your breasts regularly

Take care of the physical activity

Eat healthily

Control your body weight

Take time to relax

Be mindful of yourself

Every year, Colway International joins this beautiful and much-needed idea of promoting breast cancer awareness. Our tips are not a ready-made recipe for health but they will help you to listen to your body more and you will be able to act quickly if necessary.

On the occasion of pink October, we have prepared a special offer for our ‘pink products’ and the best-selling - Native Collagen Pure.

From 05.10 to 01.11. the prices of selected - pink products go down by 20%:

Masterpiece of eye contour - 20%

Angel lips - 20%

Native Collagen Pure - 20%

Nurture your femininity every day, and when picking up our ‘pink products’ remember about the need to regularly perform preventive breast examinations

Take care of yourself

In October, we also invite you to a series of Wednesday webinars, during which you will learn the secrets of a successful business with Colway International and learn a lot of important information about products and care. This month we want to be especially close to women, hence the even more feminine topic of product webinars. And after each webinar, a surprise will be waiting for you in our store - a great offer for the selected product.

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