Valentine's Day special offer at Colway International

Valentine's Day special offer at Colway International

Soon, the world will light up in shades of pink and red. Why?  As on 14 February, we will be celebrating the festival of lovers - Valentine's Day. 

Love is important in life, which is why some people search for it, others wait for it to come by itself, and others who have already found their happiness must now take care of it so that the feeling never dies out .

Whether you are currently in love or just waiting for love, Valentine's Day is always a good opportunity to make a nice gift to someone close to you, or to yourself. 

At Colway International, we start celebrating Valentine's Day on February 6. To celebrate this very holiday, we have prepared special offers that will certainly appeal to both you and your significant other.

Here they are:

Collagen lip care - 15%

Nourishing hand cream - 15%

Masterpiece of eye contour - 15%

Express lift mask -15%

Xshot - 15%


06/02/ -12/02/2024

(6/24 OR)

The offer is valid:

From Registered Client status

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Colway International!

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