Twice as many points for Collaceina and Natural Cream!!

Twice as many points for Collaceina and Natural Cream!!

Dear Partners!

We are starting with an amazing sales campaign! There has never been such an offer!


From today, 18.04.2023 to 08.05.2023

you can buy two bestselling Colway International products:




Natural Balance face cream

and get 100% more Volume Points for them!


Place an order in min. 50 VP and gain access to products whose point value has been increased by 100%, i.e. when buying Collaceina you will get  24 VP instead of regular 12 VP, and when buying Natural Balance face cream you will get 28 VP instead of regular 14 VP.


How do I get an access to these products?

Add your order for a minimum of 50 VP to the cart and products with doubled point value will appear in the prize field, at the stage of editing the cart. You can buy any number of products from this offer. So add as many products as you want and be sure to click on the field: Approve prize selection. Then proceed to checkout as usual.

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