#Traveler a subjective guide to what to have with you when travelling

#Traveler a subjective guide to what to have with you when travelling

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We asked the girls from CI Team to recommend products that they always use during holidays. Thanks to this, several special summer sets were created for you!

#Dorota says: - ‘I take care of my hygiene with particular care. During summer, I wash my hands even more often, which is why I always take our collagen soap with me. It perfectly takes care of the skin and its scent is beautiful. I put the antibacterial gel in the car and, if necessary, disinfect my hands. And the deodorant is excellent protection on warm summer days. These are basic hygiene products, so it's worth using them every day!’

Set - Always at hand

• Deo roll-on natural protection

• Hand soap with collagen

• Antibacterial gel 250 ml

• Cosmetic bag in summer colours

#Kasia told us – ‘I choose the proven products that work in every situation. Native Collagen Pure will soothe sun irritations, and the Rejuvenating Face Cream is a great product that slows down the signs of skin ageing. I put both products in my summer beauty bag!’

Set- Always being myself

• Native Collagen Pure

• Rejuvenating face cream

• Cosmetic bag in summer colours

#Jowita recommends: ‘I don't like to put too many cosmetics onto my skin in summer, so I recommend Intensive moisture face cream. And I liked Angel Lips from the first use, it is a great product for young people, even teenagers!’

Set - Summer look

• Intensive moisture face cream

• Angel lips lip gloss

• Cosmetic bag in summer colours

#Joanna admits: ‘I love the glow effect of the Summer Shine lotion - it is a great product for the summer because it perfectly emphasizes my tan! And I take Angel Lips with me everywhere - I have several tubes on my desk at work, in the car, in my purse. Make sure to take these products on vacation, you won't regret it!’

Set - Summer love

• Summer shine shimmering body balm

• Angel lips lip gloss

#Sylwia advises: ‘I am already thinking about building resistance for the upcoming autumn days. Collaceina and Vitamin C-olway will be a great help with that. Supplements must be taken regularly and we have to wait for them to work effectively. That's why I'm starting today’/ ‘Are you actively spending your summer like me? Thanks to regular training, I feel great. My companions during training are X-shot and Vitamin C-olway. They are excellent supplements supporting your condition, they ensure that I never run out of energy’

Set - Feel great

• Collaceina 

• Vitamin C with collagen

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