Time to regenerate your skin after summer!

Time to regenerate your skin after summer!

Everybody loves sun-kissed skin. However, summer sunbathing has its consequences, which quickly show on the skin. Dryness, discolouration and even acne are just few of the unpleasant signs that our skin needs regeneration.


What is the condition of your skin after summer?

If you feel that your skin is tight, dry and peeling, these are typical symptoms of dryness resulting from excessive exposure to the sun, wind or swimming in salt water. Ultraviolet radiation also has a huge impact on the deterioration of the skin's condition after summer, as it thickens the corneum, causes discolouration and increases the creation of free radicals, which accelerate the aging process.

And to think that all you wanted was to get a nice tan and look beautiful and young!

Fortunately, modern cosmetology comes to the rescue. Thanks to properly selected care, you can restore the skin's proper level of hydration and regenerate it, so that you can enjoy both a summer tan and beautiful, healthy-looking skin for a long time.


Exfoliation is the first step to regenerating your skin after summer. However, it is important not to damage the delicate skin when removing the epidermis. The perfect product for exfoliating the skin of the face and neckline is an exfoliating mask. Natural acids first gently soften the epidermis so that you can remove it easily. After that, your skin is soft, pleasant to the touch, radiant, and the tone colour is even. 

Body scrub is a perfect product for exfoliating the entire body. Natural abrasives are effective, yet gentle on your skin. Additionally, the oils contained in the Body Scrub provide the appropriate level of hydration and the feeling of softness and elasticity of the skin.


The skin prepared in this way is ready for further care – your favourite moisturising cream or body lotion.


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Enjoy beautiful, radiant skin and keep your golden tan for longer.

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