The product that works wonders is back!

The product that works wonders is back!

The Body sculpting and firming serum is a trusted friend of each of our regular customers. It is an expert in firming and slimming the female body. Despite the fact that winter is close and there are piles of warm clothes waiting for us, we still want to look attractive and enjoy firm skin. 

Tension is responsible for the effect of a slim, nicely sculpted figure and elasticity of our skin. Unfortunately, this tension decreases with the inevitable aging or lack of physical activity. Even young people who are not very active may have a problem with this. The result of the loss of tension and stretching of the muscles is sagging skin, especially on the arms, abdomen and buttocks.

The most beneficial for our figure is low-intensity endurance training, such as jogging, cycling, medium and long distance swimming. This type of training allows us to sculpt a slim figure and maintain lasting results.

Choosing body cosmetics suitable for demanding skin is a support for your skin. That is why we have created the Body sculpting and firming serum. It is a multifunctional serum that nourishes the skin, moisturizes it and firms it. The effects of regular use of the product are best seen in places where the skin becomes flaccid or less firm, e.g. above the knees.


What have we changed in the product?

- preservation system

- we replaced one of the existing emulsifiers with a newer, improved one

What remains the same?

- fantastic and effective active ingredients

- a beautiful fragrance

Can I feel any changes in the use of the product?

- the product may seem a bit lighter in consistency, but its excellent properties do not change, thus it is still a fantastic product for self-massage.

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