Summer Vibes Native Collagens -20%

Summer Vibes Native Collagens -20%

Native Collagens is a family of three products of the latest generation, created to take care of the specific needs of your skin. Collagen is a natural product, isolated from fish skins at the molecular stage of its development, in the form of helices.


Did you know that collagen is called the "protein of youth" because it constitutes over 30% of the mass of human protein and as much as 70% of skin proteins? Together with elastin, it creates an elastic mesh in the dermis, which is responsible for its elasticity and firmness, binds water, lipophilic substances and determines the condition of the connective tissue, which is, in fact, the condition of the whole organism.

Collagen production is disturbed as soon as the age of 25, when the inevitable process of gradual disappearance of collagen begins. From that moment processes of collagen degradation prevail over the processes of its synthesis. Irreversibly. After the age of 40, they start to accelerate and the loss of collagen from that point is about 1% per year.


Give your skin what it really needs. Regular skin care with Native Collagen brings spectacular effects, which are confirmed by clinical studies.

96% of the people surveyed said that Native Collagen firms the skin

96% of the people surveyed said that Native Collagen smoothes the skin

96% of the people surveyed said that Native Collagen improves skin elasticity



Every two weeks in the Summer Vibes offer you can find a different line of Colway International products at a lower price.

Now our flagship bestselling products:


Native Collagens* -20%:

Native Collagen Pure -20%

Native Collagen Gold -20%

Native Collagen DNA -20%

The offer is available:

From 31/23QW to 32/23QW

(01.08.23 – 14.08.23)


The offer is available from the status of: Registered customer


Additionally, we would like to remind you that during the Summer Vibes offer, i.e., from 23/23 - 34/23 QW (i.e. 06.06.23 - 28.08.23):

Sachets - Intensive moisture face cream are available for only 6,90PLN/1,69EUR/1,49GBP/39KC   *

* the maximum quantity in one order is 3 sets of 10 pcs


And a set of products:

Summer set - 30%

Sumer shine - shimmering body balm x 1

Body scrub x 1


Offer available from the status of: Registered Customer


Fulfill your dream of perfect skin and enjoy its natural beauty now and in the future.

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