Summer Vibes – 20% Supplements Colway International

Summer Vibes – 20% Supplements Colway International

For the proper functioning of each body cell, it is necessary to provide the right amount of various micronutrients. Nowadays, our pace of life is increasing day by day. We are chronically late, which affects our health and well-being. Our health is primarily influenced by our lifestyle: a balanced diet, physical activity, time for sleep and regeneration. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, the problem of micronutrient deficiency is becoming more and more alarming. It is difficult to provide all of them, in the required doses, only from consumed food. Dietary supplements are a concentrated source of nutrients. They are used to supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals that we are unable to ingest in the right amount with food.

At Colway International, we make sure that we provide you with dietary supplements composed of natural ingredients with a beneficial effect on the human body. They are distinguished by the quality and selectivity of chosen substrates as well as by the technology of their acquisition. Innovation and discovering perfection in nature have been inscribed in our values from the beginning. Remember that your health and well-being is influenced not only by the quantity, but above all by the quality of the dietary supplements you take.

Feel great!


Every two weeks in the Summer Vibes offer, you can find a different line of Colway International products at a lower price.



Dietary supplements* -20%:


SlimCol -20%

Colmega -20%

CollUp -20%

 X shot -20%

Collaceina -20%

Magnesium Complex -20%

Vitamin C with collagen -20%

ColamiD -20%



The offer is available:

From 33/23 QW to 34/23 QW

(15.08.23 – 28.08.23)


The offer is available from the status of: Registered customer


Additionally, we would like to remind you that during the Summer Vibes offer, i.e. from 23/23 - 34/23 QW (i.e. 06.06.23 – 28.08.23):

Sachets - Intensive Moisture Face Cream are for only 6,90PLN/1,69EUR/1,49GBP/39KC   *

* the maximum quantity in one order is 3 sets of 10 pcs


And a set of products:

Summer set

Sumer shine shimmering body balm x 1

Body scrub x 1


Offer available from the status of: from Registered customer


Fulfil your dream of perfect skin and enjoy its natural beauty now and in the future.

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