#skinPower - give power to your skin!

#skinPower - give power to your skin!

Offer available 25/21 – 27/21 27  QW  (22.06. – 12.07. ) #skinPower

Offer available from the status of Registered Customer

‘In the summertime when the weather is high...’ it’s the only thing we can sing because holidays are starting! Who is waiting more impatiently for holidays? Children or adults? We guess that everyone needs a little rest.

And at Colway International we are not slowing down! Already on 22.06. we start with summer sets under the slogan

#skinPower - give power to your skin!

The sets prepared by us are a recipe for summer care of the skin which requires protection, hydration and intensive regeneration.

Hydration set

• Native Collagen Pure

• Collagen Lip Care

• Nourishing hand cream

Protection set

• Native Collagen DNA

• Double C glow skin drops

Regeneration set

• Exfoliating mask

• Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate

• Intensive moisture face cream

Support set

• XShot

• Vitamin C with collagen

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