Let’s meet

Let’s meet

A good idea to make new people interested with products, will be to organise a meeting. How to do it? Use our tips:

1.       Plan your meeting and inform us about it sending an email to or call us 58 572-62-02. Do not forget to give us a date and place of the meeting!

2.       We will support your meeting with an advertising package, for which you will pay only 0.01 EUR.


How to get it? The condition for receiving the package is placing an order with a value of 50 VP, the order should be placed by the meeting organizer. An advertising package will be added to the order. The advertising package includes: leaflets, product testers, bags, colourful balloons, jars for the product testers which you can prepare on your own and a full-value product - Summer Shine shimmering body balm - our summer hit, from which you will be able to make samples and distribute them during the meeting.*


* Each Partner can only receive 1 advertising package

* The number of advertising packages is limited. The order of applications will decide about awarding the package.


The first 20 people will receive an additional surprise !!!


3.       Now it’s your turn! Plan a meeting and invite new people to cooperate. ? Why is it worth it? Because every meeting is a chance for new business contacts and additional benefits. What are these?

Register at least 2 people with orders of value 25 VP each. Send to us a short description of the meeting with the photos and the details of people who joined your team and... collect a gift! A limited product, created exclusively for the summer of 2022:

Mini Express Lift Mask 15ml and Angel lips lip glow - the laureate of this year's Glammies 2022 competition, for only 1.19EUR/1,09 GBP*




The advertising package includes:

- Sets of product leaflets

- A set of jars to make product testers on your own

- a set of bags with the C.I logo

- balloons with sticks

- product testers

- a normal size product - Summer Shine shimmering body balm


The value of the set is over 38 EUR.

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