HOT DEAL - Hot special offers

HOT DEAL - Hot special offers

In May, the temperature bars go up quickly and there are days when it gets hot. We enjoy being inspired by nature, which is why Colway International will host a HOT DEAL offer in May, thanks to which it will get hot like on a beautiful day in May!


Attention! Are there any bargain hunters here? If so, our May offer is just for you!


The offer is available:

From 20/23QW to 22/23QW

(i.e., 16.05. – 05.06.2023)

During this time, in each settlement period, on the selected day, 2 products with a 30% discount will appear. The discount on a given product will be valid for 24 hours - from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

Be vigilant, visit our website every day and hunt for the best deals!


We remember, however, that spring is a special time, because on the 26th of May in Poland we celebrate Mother's Day and on the 1st of June all children have their holiday! That is why, especially for lovely mothers and children, we have prepared two sets that will surely bring a smile to your face:


Set for kids -20%

Collagen toothpaste

Baby wash gel


Set for moms -20%

Express lift mask

Micellar water


We are curious which offer suits your business style better? Will HOT DEAL awaken your bargain hunting instinct? Or do you prefer to take advantage of the sets of products offer?


Visit our website and social media for the best deals. We will be glad if you share your opinion with us

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