Grandma and Grandpa's Day at Colway International

Grandma and Grandpa's Day at Colway International

How can we describe the Grandfather of our time? A gray-haired gentleman in his prime, with a neatly trimmed beard. Time has marked more than one story on his face, which he now happily tells his grandchildren with his calm, low, warm voice. In his free time, he likes going for long walks... And although the world surprises him with newer and newer technical innovations, you can always talk to Grandpa about what is most important in life.

And Grandma? She is a self-conscious, well-groomed and charismatic woman who knows that despite the passing years, she is still a beautiful woman. She knows that beauty is not only what we see outside. True beauty comes from within, from what we do, small gestures but also from how we feel. Grandma knows that by taking care of herself, by taking supplements, she makes herself feel good and then her beauty shines through. The wrinkles around her eyes reveal how much she loves to laugh. And although she always offers help and advice to her children and grandchildren, she also appreciates this time to only take care of herself.

No matter what your Grandma and Grandpa are, one thing is for sure - they deserve the best. Give them the highest quality, proven action and natural active ingredients. Give them Colway International cosmetics and supplements.

Grandma and Grandpa's Day at Colway International

04.01.2022 – 24.01.2022

1/22 - 3/22

Vitamin C with collagen - set - 3 pieces for the price of 2

Ultra facial cream for men -20%

Refreshing body shower gel -20%

Deeply hydrating body balm -20%

Express lift mask -20%

And for each order which is worth 50 VP - Antibacterial Gel 250 ml at a super price 1 EUR/ 1 GBP

*all offers are valid from the status of a Registered Customer

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