EveryDay Care Pure, Gold and DNA kits – new!

EveryDay Care Pure, Gold and DNA kits – new!

Ready-made, select product kits are a great option for everyone!

Firstly, we have developed them for people who are just starting out with Colway International cosmetics, because buying a kit gets you all the products you need to perform daily care, what's more, these cosmetics complement each other perfectly, so by systematically performing daily care, you will quickly notice a difference in the condition of your skin. The kits are also a great option for people who use our products for their own needs and therefore buy them very regularly, but also for those who work and earn at Colway International, because when you buy a kit, you get it with an extra -10% discount and at the same time with more shopping points. Any way you look at it – it's pure profit!

And now in the Kits tab you will find the EveryDay Care Kit with three Native Collagens to choose from. Choose your EveryDay Care kit tailored to your skin's needs and enjoy youthful and beautiful looks!

Every Day Care PURE is an essential skincare kit with Pure Native Collagen. The products in this kit will help you maintain the necessary normal hydration of your skin and hair. The products contain fish collagen, which is a natural ally of healthy skin and hair.

Every Day Care GOLD is a kit with Native Collagen Gold. It will help you resolve temporary skin imbalances, with the right level of hydration for the skin and hair.  We recommend this kit for a variety of skin types, but especially for acne-prone skin with imperfections and susceptible to irritation and hyperpigmentation.

Every Day Care DNA is a kit with DNA Native Collagen. Due to the properties of DNA Native Collagen, this kit is primarily intended for mature skin and skin showing signs of ageing. It will help keep the skin moisturised. With regular care, you will notice that your skin will become smoother, tighter, more supple and the oval of your face will become lifted. 

Which kit do you choose? What does your skin need?

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